Appleseed was founded in 1991 concentrating in providing adult mental health services; counseling, case management, crisis intervention, pre-hospitalization screening, diagnosis and medication/somatic.

In 1993 the agency added housing services for low and moderate income people.  Two apartments were purchased in 1994 through a grant from the Ohio Department of Mental Health to house individuals with severe mental disability.

Services for children and families were added in 1995 and Appleseed became a full service mental health agency.

Under the umbrella of Appleseed the following supporting programs are also provided to Ashland County community members: Rape Crisis Domestic Violence Safe Haven Shelter, Community/School Liaison program,  Keeping Families Strong home-based services, and the Supported Employment program.

Since its founding the agency has provided mental health services to the Ashland community. The agency has grown from its beginning with 12 employees serving only adults seeking mental health treatment to its current role in the community offering mental health care to all ages, services in all of the local schools systems, employment services, 24 hour crisis mental health intervention, community housing  programming, and domestic violence and 24 hour sexual assault shelter and support services.

Appleseed’s vision statement is: ACMHC will play a leading role in creating a mentally and emotionally healthy, abuse-free Ashland County.

The agency’s mission is: ACMHC will deliver exemplary client-centered mental health, abuse recovery and housing services that empower clients and families to live healthy, whole and productive lives.

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