How We Help

At Appleseed, our comprehensive services are available in setting that is comfortable and as least restrictive as possible for the situation. Our programming includes the following:


school based care services appleseed mental health center

School-Based Care
We provide on-campus support for students in Ashland County schools.

employer based care services appleseed mental health

Employer-Based Care
Our contractual services are available to local businesses to provide mental health services to its employees.

employment care services appleseed mental health

Employment Support
We will work with you to develop the skills to gain employment and stay employed.



housing support services appleseed mental health

Housing Support
We will help find housing for individuals and families who may be facing homelessness.

sexual assault hotline appleseed mental health center

Sexual Assault
Our 24-hour hotline offers counseling from caring therapists at any hour and we have comprehensive services for victims of sexual assault.

domestic violence 24 hour hotline appleseed mental health center

Domestic Violence
We have a special program for victims of domestic violence and a 24-hour hotline where victims can get immediate counseling and support.




We also accommodate mental health services for:


We encourage families to get counseling together if one or more members suffers from a mental health issue.

Family Support Services


We have a full and comprehensive program for adults depending on the situation and need.

Adult Support Services


Our Youth program includes crisis intervention, mental health assessment, counseling, and other services tailored specifically for youth.

Youth Support Services


We offer both individual and group psychiatric services to provide treatment, support, and rehabilitation.

Psychiatry Services

Crisis Services Available 24/7

Our caring therapists are available 24 hours a day via the crisis hotline. And we also have therapists available to meet you in person. 



Recent Updates

Beating the Blues

Beating the Blues

Appleseed Community Mental Health Center is offering a free one hour class on January 30th from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM to help you understand things you can do to improve your mood and cope with the natural ups and downs of life.

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Dealing with your Child's Behavior

Dealing with your Child's Behavior

As parents we all know how difficult it can be to manage our son or daughter's misbehavior. Sometimes the misbehavior leads to unproductive arguments or power struggles. This can evolve into even greater relationship struggles in the family.

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Providing Support to a Loved One Who is in an Abusive Relationship

Providing Support to a Loved One Who is in an Abusive Relationship

Are you worried a friend or family member may be involved in an unhealthy relationship? This process can be painful and frightening for a loved one to experience.

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