Jeremy Smith


Jeremy Smith is a licensed professional clinical counselor and has been with Appleseed CMHC for almost two years and helped start up the Co-Occurring treatment program, which includes the presence of a psychiatric disorder along with substance misuse. Prior to Appleseed, he worked in Colorado as a Co-Occurring counselor for three years at a community mental health center, initially as outpatient and then helped create a 30-60 day inpatient treatment center specifically for those who struggle with opioid dependency. In his free time, he helps at his church, spends time with his wife, takes his children to sports and other activities, and loves to write and create. 


Recent Updates

September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide or death please know, there is help. Take that step to share your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust. Appleseed has caring staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our 24 Hour Crisis hotline at (419) 289-6111. You may also visit for more information.

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September is National Recovery Month

Recovery is possible. There are many great recovery communities in our area.  Don't let anything keep you from reaching out. There are paths that will allow you to find meaning and purpose in the aftermath of very difficult life experiences. If you find yourself addicted and struggling remember you are loveable, forgivable, and changeable.

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May Reflection

May was National Mental Health Awareness Month, and here at Appleseed, it is a month that is extremely important not only to our agency but to every one of our staff. It is a time that we can use to reach out to our community and offer education on strategies to improve their mental health.

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