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Crises come in many forms and can sometimes cause you to feel like you are barely able to function. Your situation may involve overwhelming feelings of stress or hopelessness. Or perhaps you or a loved one are struggling with depression or some form of mental illness. While these things may feel shameful and embarrassing, know that you do not have to struggle alone.

At Appleseed Community Mental Health Center, we know that you want a normal life. We also recognize that you may not be sure how to get back to that life. And you may have many questions like “can I afford it?” or “will law enforcement get involved?”. We are here to help no matter how sensitive the issue may be.

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Recent Updates

May Reflection

May was National Mental Health Awareness Month, and here at Appleseed, it is a month that is extremely important not only to our agency but to every one of our staff. It is a time that we can use to reach out to our community and offer education on strategies to improve their mental health.

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April Reflection

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The month of April is an important time for everyone here at Appleseed Community Mental Health Center. Each April, staff at Appleseed’s RCDV Safe Haven Program promotes awareness of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse and prevention of this crime through a variety of educational events and presentations.

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A letter from our Executive Director...

Dear Appleseed Family,We understand that our services are critical to the overall health and wellbeing of the clients and community we serve. We want to be clear that our services are available telephonically and, if needed, face-to-face. We are also quickly working on additional options for clients to virtually meet with their psychiatrist, counselor, or case manager to ensure that services with us remain uninterrupted.

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