Addiction, A Cruel Master

Addiction, A Cruel Master

Addiction is a cruel master. People who become dependent on  drugs and alcohol often find their marriages, family relationships, employment, finances and health are all negatively impacted.

 To overcome an addiction, treatment initially focuses on the physical aspects of the dependence. Though there are many physical aspects of addiction, is something else at the core?

Are there psychological factors that are the catalyst for many people to become dependent on drugs or alcohol? Research into addiction indicates that childhood and adult traumatic experiences (experiencing abuse, neglect, tragic loss, crime, or other events that threaten one’s safety) are linked closely with the misuse of drugs and alcohol in adolescence and adulthood.

On March 13 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM Appleseed Community Mental Health Center’s addiction specialist is offering free one hour training on how childhood trauma is related to addiction. Please come and hear about the following:

  • What causes trauma and the symptoms someone may experience?
  • Why people turn to substance abuse to cope.
  • The risks of substance abuse and trauma:
    • Retraumatization
    • Dependency
    • Mental-Behavioral Impaired Control Cycle
  • Risks to family and friends:
    • Secondary trauma
    • Trauma informed care
  • Ways to promote change:
    • Building Resiliency
    • Counseling – EMDR, Equine therapy
    • Relapse prevention
    • Friends and family


Please click the link below to register for the class.



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