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24 Hour Crisis: (419) 289-6111   Crisis Text Line: Text 4HOPE to 741741
Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence: (419) 289-8085

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement

Appleseed walks with families and individuals on their journey to live healthy, whole, and productive lives by offering comprehensive and integrated behavioral health, housing, outreach & prevention, substance use disorder, and victim services.



To enrich our community by restoring hope to families and individuals so they can live healthy, whole, and productive lives.


Operational Values

Team Culture: Employees will strive to fulfill the agency's mission by creating a culture that embraces an attitude of team work ("we-not-me")

Learning and Growth: Provide staff with the opportunities to grow from experiences at ACMHC. In return, staff will demonstrate learning and growth in their respective roles.

Fiscal Responsibility: Operate within budget • Adhere to best practices regarding billing and collecting • Maintain a cash reserve • Secure an annual independent audit


Treatment Values


Empowerment of Individuals and Families: Treatment will strengthen the abilities of clients to live safe, healthy, and abuse-free lives. 

Holistic: Services will treat persons served cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in order to engage the persons' entire support system. 

Person Centered: Services will be evaluated regularly in order to demonstrate their effectiveness in helping clients achieve their personal goals and objectives and honoring the client's preferences, beliefs, and values. 

Evidence Based: All services and programs are based on the integration of critically appraised research, results, best practices, and/or program area of expertise.

Outcome Informed: Services and program outcomes are reviewed regularly. Services and programs are modified based on findings or emerging trends.

Recent Updates

Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters

Choosing to be kind has a positive effect on your mental health. According to psychology today, kindness involves selfless actions and a mindset that places compassion for others before your own interests.

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Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day

First let me thank every one of you who has selflessly served our country by being a member of our armed forces. Your service and sacrifice do not go unnoticed.

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November is Homelessness Awareness Month

November is Homelessness Awareness Month

Peter Tarr, writing for the Brain and Behavior Foundation says, “most researchers agree that the connection between homelessness and mental illness is a complicated two-way relationship.”

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