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I can't thank my counselor enough. She took me from a bottomless pit and helped me climb up to a point I have never been in my life. All of the staff are wonderful and I can not thank them enough either.


Fantastic staff. Therapists and psychiatrists that actually listen to you.

Ashland, Ohio

They are amazing. I couldn't do this without you. Thanks to all.


Outstanding environment for employees! Loved every minute of my time with Appleseed.


An issue that many high schools face today is students vaping. In the past the go to consequence for vaping, tobacco, or nicotine use was out of school suspension. More recently, Crestview High School has been adopting more restorative justice approaches as a response to student misbehavior. Appleseed Community Mental Health Center has helped us provide these kind of options for our students. Part of the response to students vaping has included having our students work with Jeremy Smith. Jeremy has addressed the social and emotional issues that are so closely connected to the misbehavior. Not only has this helped get the students back on track, but we have also been able to keep students in school.

Crestview Local Schools - Crestview High School

Appleseed staff came into our company and provided the employees with a training on reasonable suspicion. The training was very informative and the presenter was able to answer many questions. Appleseed's focus to educate our community about substance abuse and mental health made the training session more meaningful. I greatly appreciate the service that Appleseed provided to our company and would highly recommend this training to other businesses. Thanks Appleseed!


Hello! I am a licensed therapist and an adjunct counseling professor at Ashland Theological Seminary. My class was blessed this summer to have Jeremy Smith share on trauma informed care. It was such a well done presentation and the students walked away with a new lense in which to be present with their clients. Thank you Appleseed and thank you Jeremy for the continued work you do for our community!

Refuge Counseling, LLC

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July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. The American Counseling Association writes: Minority Mental Health Month is a nationwide effort developed by Mental Health America to “shed light on the multitude of mental health experiences within Black, Indigenous, People of Color and others that face disproportionate inequities due to systemic barriers and historical adversity.” Marginalized, oppressed, and disenfranchised people have unique concerns, trauma, stress, obstacles, and challenges because of historical experiences, cultural differences, and social disparities.

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What is forgiveness? According to the Mayo Clinic forgiveness involves “a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge.”  It is not forgetting the act that hurt you. However, forgiving can lessen the offense’s hold on you and take away the remaining control the person who hurt you has on you.

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Appleseed reaches GuideStar’s highest Seal of Transparency for the Third Year in a Row

Appleseed earned the 2021 Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar, a service of Candid. By sharing metrics that highlight the progress that Appleseed is making toward its mission, the organization is helping donors move beyond simplistic ways of nonprofit evaluation such as overhead ratios.

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